How To Order

Once you’ve found the products you’re looking for, follow these simple steps.



Step 1

Add a poster style and free marijuana quantity to cart.


Step 2

Upload an image of your government issued photo ID at the checkout page. Blanking personal info is suggested! All we need to see is birth date. 


Step 3

Read and follow payment instructions on the checkout page or in your order confirmation email. Double check your shipping address is correct!


Step 4

Send an Interac E-Transfer using the security question and answer provided within the payment instructions. Make sure your information is correct!


Step 5

Once we accept your Interac E-Transfer we will begin to process your order. Sit back and relax! The rest is up to us.


Step 6

Once shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Wait for Canada Post to deliver your package and enjoy!

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